Pain. It´s one of many things in human nature that we do not want at all. Do not want to feel. It´s a failure, an unfunctional soul and every human being who dares to fall, is broken. Unable to fit in a world who learned that quantity is better than quality.

We all want to be happy. Live a perfect life. And although perfection lays in the eye of the beholder we tend to see that everyone else´s perfection is wrong.

We are various things in life. Kind, loving, angry, sad, social, unsocial, introverts, extroverts.

But deep down were all egoist, and it´s a curse witch human nature created perfectly for survival.

Let the battle begin. The strongest will win is our maxim.

Only the ones who knows how to play the game will manage to survive.

But although we all  are descended the same species. The same kind . We did not manage to deliver the rules of the game correctly.

We are playing “pass the message” for decades now and nobody knows on which side of the line they are standing.

Truth is relative in a world full of madness and so are we.