I don’t mind you love

i don’t mind you’re care.

But im not the one

you’ve should be aware.

Im the one who stares

im the one who fates.

Im to cruel for that

Love is  not my taste.

If you ever feel

like you need someone.

Don’t come to me

cause im undone.

my cynicism, my melancholy

poisons me.

And love is something

that i hardly see.

When i start to feel

i will fall apart

and i don’t want you to bear that

no, it’s just to hard.

If you want to love me

take me as i am.

Maybe someday i will change

and then i really can.

until then you must hope

that you’re the right one for me.

Because im like an onion

and under all those layers

someday you might see.

I do care. I do love

but in a different way.

And if you can’t handle that

i guess you should go away.

Vanessa. K